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Shine WoodPlast is one of the rapid growing Indian companies in the domain of manufacturing anextensive variety of PVC foam boards WPC foam Boards wpc door frames etc. These products are applied making Door, furniture, flooring,selling for both indoors and outdoors.They are cost-effective substitutes of wooden door & door frames, furniture, decorative profiles etc.

We are reckoned as a trusted manufacturer and wholesaler known for its diversified range of PVC foam board and WPC foam Boards and Sheets. Our products are widely acknowledged for high strength, versatility, light weight, cost effectiveness and Eco friendliness.

These products have enormous demand in the market because of their qualitative make and excellent features such as water & moisture proof, termite proof, fire & high temperature resistance, zero shrinkage & swelling, nil maintenance needed, antifungal quality & eco-friendliness. They are prepared in agreement to the international standards therefore are incredibly dependable and enduring.

As we all know there is no life without trees. Most of the products used in our homes are made from wood, which is not a man-made product, but a precious element which is given to us by nature. Due to increase in population, the demand of furniture is rising that leads to the cutting of around 7 billion trees yearly! If things continue like this, then that day is not far when no one will survive.WE HAVE TO STOP THIS!!!We have found a solution to this problem and are presenting a complete substitute to wood, which is 100% man-made material and no harmful chemical has been used for making this. Even it is more durable and high-performing material by many times as compared to wood.

Our mission is to gratify our clients by presenting them with incredible range of products that are not just qualitative but also affordable.

Application of our product like Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Hospital infrastructure, Bathrooms, Modular Kitchens, Terrace Rooms, Beach House, Camp Sites, Farm Houses etc.




We are providing best manufacturing products.

24/7 Support

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We delivered product on given time.


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We are provide best discount on best products.


We are providing best row materials.


Product size: 2440 x 1220 mm (8 x 4 ft) length : 4,6,8,10 ft Width: 1220 mm/4 ft Thikness 5mm to 30mm Density:0.55-0.90 (As per Requirement)
Product size: 2440 x 915 mm (8 x 3 ft) length : 4,6,8,10 ft Width: 915 mm/3 ft Thikness 5mm to 30mm Density:0.55-0.90 (As per Requirement)


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